Job Description


Job roles and duties

  1. Assist with the drivers in operating Company’s equipment/vehicles in a safe and professional manner and other personnel in other work divisions/departments;
  2. Uphold both the Client’s and Company’s image by displaying the highest standards of driving professionalism.
  3. Work closely and assist Company personnel in the provision and execution of work.
  4. Have close cooperation between various work groups.
  5. Execute tasks and responsibilities within the framework of Company’s organization.
  6. Carry out duties as instructed/allocated by Client and/or Company Representative, which includes but not limited to maintenance of vehicles (including washing, detailing, tyre changes, fluid replacements, and etc.), housekeeping of facilities, miscellaneous material handling etc.
  7. Comply with all Company’s and/or Clients’ rules and regulations including but not limited to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies, standards and requirements.
  8. Demonstrate commitment to both Company and Client's Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements and set a good example by being a role model.
  9. Attend the Daily Toolbox Meetings and all other Pre-job briefings conducted by the Company and/or Client’s Representative.
  10. Be punctual in arriving for duty and whilst carrying out duties, logging in the time getting in and out of work at the Security Post (or at any other designed work location(s) as instructed and directed by the Company) and starting duty as per allocated shift.
  11. Be neat, tidy and be properly attired in personal protective gear, which shall always be reasonably clean.
  12. Report for duties only when in a fit state of health.
  13. Clean the Company’s equipment/vehicles after use.
  14. Report any Company’s equipment/vehicles defect and/or damage to the Company and Client’s Representative as soon as practically possible.
  15. Carry out duties within the scope of work as required in an efficient, safe and responsible manner.
  16. Perform any other work as directed by the Company and/or Client’s Representative to the satisfactory performance of the job.

Immediate Pre-Requisite Requirements (Must Comply)

  1. Must have own personal transport and valid JPD cost three license;
  2. Must have own accommodation arrangements in Kuala Belait or Seria
  3. Required Valid HSE inductions: BSP E-kawal (inclusive valid BSP trainings such as Work Hazard Management (WHM) and Supervising for Safety (SFS) training) and BLNG E-Kawal

Bonus Requirement

  1. Have valid Rigger Level 1 training;
  2. Have loading and lashing training;
  3. Have first aid training;
  4. Have chemical handling training;

Job Overview

Liftco Sdn Bhd