Job Description


1. He/She shall be responsible to provide as-built drawings for SCOPE due to repairs, alterations,or minor new additions. Any alterations, repairs, extensions or minor new additions to the existing shall be captured appropriately in technical, operational and maintenance manual.

2. He/she shall be responsible for assisting the Operational Coordinator in updating the maintenance plans, supervising the SCOPE and SERVICES carried out throughout the conract period. And to ensure that the SCOPE and SERVICES performed are in accordance with contract requirements, to the required HSSE and quality standards, in line with the proposed programme approved by company.

3. He/She shall support the Operational Coordinator on routine inspections on all installaions, buildings and services for early detection of defects or failure and seek necessary approvals from company for repair/replacement works.

4. Shall be able to oversee whether the execution of MEehanical and Electrical SCOPE are in acordance with the contract specifications.

5. shall assist the contractor to ensure that the contractor personnel performing Electrical work undergo the required company's courses and trainings inclusive of but not limited to Colour Blind Test", first aid course/ trainings and Competency Assesment by company personnel.

Job Overview

Sekapur Sirih Sdn Bhd