Job Description

Junior Imaging Geophysicist

The Junior Imaging Geophysicist will work closely with Imaging Project Leader and Imaging Team Leader to provide seismic imaging solutions to our customers. They will be expected to take ownership of the assigned tasks pertaining to processing of raw seismic data, and delivering high quality of seismic images of the Earth's subsurface. She/he must ensure that the step/project is performed in a responsible manner, at a high level of quality and on time as per the project schedule.

- Enthusiastic individuals with a Bachelor degree or higher in Geophysics, Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering
- Good problem solving abilities, great attention to details and effective communication skills
- A team player; with good time management and ability to organize and prioritize workload
- Adaptability, open mindedness, curiosity and innovative spirit are key success factors in this role 

Job Overview

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