Job Description

Assistant F&B Manager

Purpose of Role

To ensure the provision of excellent service in all outlets which exceeds stakeholder expectations and improves revenue, enhancing the brand image and maximizing profitability. In parallel, ensure Halal, HACCP/ food safety, cost efficiency and best practice in service and administration practice.

Core Job Functions

  1. To provide effective oversight of food and beverage outlets by
  • Delivering an engaging and personalised guest experience and anticipating their needs
  • Supporting the introduction of concepts, policy, services and standards according to international best practice
  • Implementing service standards, both in delivery and guest engagement, to achieve LQA +90%
  • Delivering anticipative and efficient service to maximise guest return and intent to recommend
  • Checking that the menu and restaurant offering is explained with an orientation of facilities
  • Maintaining awareness of  future service trends and opportunities
  • Supporting the development of improvement projects and refurbishment
  • Being aware of, and ensuring compliance with, regulations and licensing for the sale of food items in Brunei  

  1. To increase revenue and maximise profit through  
  • Engaging and supporting all  S&M activity and promotions
  • Being instrumental in attracting and retaining business to increase revenue and improve profitability
  • Encouraging opportunities to upsell and increase sales
  • Collaborating with Kitchen, Rooms and S&M to identify activities and promotions to attract business
  • Promptly handling any complaints or difficulties  with courtesy, compassion, empathy and resolution
  • Ensuring the presentation of accurate bills, following the meal and ensuring the proper settlement

  1. To ensure the organisation and preparation of the teams, equipment and restaurant in readiness for the service
  • Conduct daily briefings, including on, specials, sections, tasks, non-available items, promotions, events, activities
  • Check that all staff are well groomed, with appropriate personal hygiene, and in correct uniform, with name badge
  • Delivering sufficient clean, operational equipment for all aspects of operation and proper table settings
  • Preparing the mis-en-place and restaurant for following days’ business to ensure next shift is set up to succeed
  • Verifying stores, cupboards, drawers are stocked and maintained to the highest levels of cleanliness
  • Ensuring adequate supplied of clean linen
  • Preparing tables, chairs, buffet stations and waiter stations, ready for service
  • Ensuring the restaurant equipment is maintained to the highest levels of cleanliness throughout service
  • Monitoring and reporting any equipment that requires maintenance or restoration
  • Ensuring breakages are minimised and recorded, when they occur
  • Ensure outlets are staffed adequately in line with business levels

  1. Ensure the application of the administration and controls for all aspects of the F&B department by
  • Checking, communicating and following up on cleanliness, maintenance, safety and security with all
  • Facilitating the efficient operation of all IT applications and systems
  • Ensuring the efficient procurement of equipment and uniforms for employees
  • Preparing presentations, reports and analysis in Excel and PPT as needed
  • Communicating and facilitating operational improvements, identified through guest feedback
  • Maintain controls of expenses and purchasing of property supplies and maintain at or below budget
  • Liaising effectively with support departments to achieve required standards and controls

  1. Ensure full compliance with the Brunei Halal regulations, in
  • All products used being approved by the authorities
  • Seeking prior approval for any new products required
  • Sourcing food from approved and authorised suppliers
  • Maintaining the product master list accurately

Generic Technical Competencies

  1. Financial Management

To manage the operational controls in all aspects, including

  • Forecasting three months ahead accurately and responding as necessary 
  • Controlling provision of services and facilities
  • Supporting the efficient operation of all IT applications and systems

Managing revenue, credit and guest administration to avoid risk or debt through

  • Working accurately with attention to detail
  • Verifying, checking and cross referencing records daily
  • Collaborating with Accounts Receivable to manage all credit
  • Overseeing prompt payment and efficient processing of guest charging and payment

Supporting effective expense / cost management to maximise departmental profit by  

  • Controlling usage and expenses by minimising wastage, within budget and revenue 
  • Procuring at the best available price, in liaison with the Finance Department
  • Storing all items efficiently and using stock rotation, to manage use-by-dates
  • Approving valid purchase orders and challenging those with excessive price / consumption 
  • Tracking the cost to sales ratio daily and taking corrective action when necessary
  • Maintaining controls of expenses and purchasing of property supplies and maintain at or below budget
  • Participating in the budgeting process and business planning including capital expenditures

  1. Labour Resource Management

Effectively managing labour resources by

  • Supporting the recruitment of suitable candidates to all positions
  • Organising and delivering training as required to meet the operational demands
  • Identifying potential talent for advancement and developing them for succession 

Managing the productivity and meeting the payroll budget through

  • Organising the deployment of staff cost effectively
  • Maintaining productivity through fair and reasonable allocation of work, holding all accountable
  • Ensuring fair and accurate rostering is taking place in all areas to provide adequate manning
  • Maintaining and utilizing the permanent staff headcount properly and to optimum levels
  • Managing casual labour, where justified by increased business and the profitability permits    
  • Processing of attendance and payroll records accurately
  • Controlling the allocation of 1/12 of vacation monthly and OIL/PILs within 30/ 60 days for all 
  • Allocating staggered meal breaks, maintaining consistent operational cover 
  • Directing departmental tasks fairly and on a rotational basis
  • Addressing and resolving poor attendance

  1. Health And Safety

Responsible for ensuring the employees comply with the Health and Safety and Fire policies in all aspects, including

  • Ensuring the hotel policies and procedures are constantly followed
  • Conducting daily inspections and corrective coaching to maintain standards consistently
  • Paying attention to the COSHH and handling of all toxic chemicals 
  • Ensuring all employees comply with personal hygiene rules and report infections and health hazards
  • Identifying top risks per area, including COSHH, H&S and fire related, compiling risk assessments and implementing safe methods of work to mitigate risks
  • Facilitating and organising refresher training of all employees to build safety competency
  • Managing all parties and the external contractor to deliver preventative pest control
  • Being alert to failures, intervening and stopping any unsuitable activities / threats quickly
  • Delivering refresher training of all employees to apply identified safe systems of work and build safety competency
  • Raising awareness of best practices and hygiene standards constantly  
  • Taking responsibility for safe evacuation of guests and staff in the event of fire/ emergency
  • Reporting all emergencies, dangerous occurrences and accidents to the Levels 2 to 3/ GM immediately

Generic Leadership Competencies

  1. Communication

Demonstrate personal communication skills, including

  • Actively listening with patience to achieve a clear understanding
  • Asking questions to maximise own understanding and making judgments with all the facts/ reasons 
  • Consistently taking the initiative to keep others fully informed to avoid confusion
  • Expressing self, non-verbally, showing respect, attentiveness and understanding 
  • Enable the recipient to respond to feedback in their own way/ time, whilst maintaining their dignity/ 'face'
  • Modifying own style in accordance with sensitivity to differences and cultural and religious reticence
  • Using one-to-ones, briefings or meetings as appropriate to achieve understanding
  • Maintaining an approachable demeanour and being accessible to all levels
  • Being open and transparent with all, both in delivery and receiving       
  • Being positive about absent colleagues, stopping gossip, especially malicious , as it undermines trust 
  • Clearly communicate vision, mission and values to ensure absolute understanding

Initiate and facilitate effective communication across all aspects of the department

  • Understanding and resolving confusion and complexity to explain clearly and simply to diverse audiences
  • Clearly constructing collaboration to overcome discord/ unresponsiveness between individuals/ departments
  • Identifying what has to be done, sequencing, prioritising and communicating with the team / Levels 2 and 3
  • Supporting and communicating Hotel policies and procedures and changes/ improvements positively to all
  • Using a range of communication methods and structures to meet the needs of others    
  • Supporting verbal communication with written follow up for efficient understanding/ implementation
  • Attend and contribute constructively in monthly departmental/ inter-departmental meetings
  • Understanding personal limitations and confidently initiating timely escalation to Levels 2 and 3/ GM

  1. Drive for results

Driving improvements through

  • Maintaining a positive and dynamic ‘can do’ work ethic
  • Enabling and collaborating with all others to set them up for success
  • Taking full and broad leadership ownership to constantly achieve the vision
  • Continuously analysing matters to resolve and overcome challenges
  • Identifying and organising an efficient supply of materials and equipment as needed
  • Suggesting improvements through observation, listening and a determination to resolve
  • Reasonable and rational contribution to coordinated continuous improvement  
  • Making informed decisions, based on data, smart trust and sound judgement
  • Coordinating, organising and planning to achieve efficiency
  • Delivering KPIs on a timely basis

Performance manage to improve output and efficiency 

  • Inspecting and holding all levels of employee accountable for delivering standards
  • Challenging, resolving conflicts and unreasonable behaviour and poor work habits
  • Recording behaviour and performance observations, both positive and negative 
  • Conducting fair and motivating appraisals which facilitate confidence/ improvement/ development

  1. Leadership

Leading and enabling others’ success through

  • Taking full and broad ownership to constantly achieve the vision
  • Acting with integrity as a role model with respectful conduct and a kind approach to others
  • Generating harmony by being convivial, complimenting, recognising and celebrating success
  • Building relationships, trust and confidence  
  • Righting wrongs and protecting dignity and motivation with cultural sensitivity

Contributing to developing all to improve capability by

  • Identifying and communicating training needs 
  • Supporting cross-exposure to build service experience, knowledge and skills
  • Conducting on-job training and coaching for the consistent delivery of standards
  • Reporting errors and inconsistencies reliably to Levels 2 to 3 for resolution

Performance manage to improve output and efficiency 

  • Inspecting and holding all levels of employee accountable for delivering standards
  • Challenging, resolving conflicts and unreasonable behaviour and poor work habits
  • Recording behaviour and performance observations, both positive and negative 
  • Conducting fair and motivating appraisals which facilitate confidence/ improvement/ development

Be a leadership role model, communicating and facilitating others in behaving according to the Hotel values, which are to be a constant source of reference:

Collaboration - work effectively, reliably and inclusively with everyone to achieve the vision

  • Build and maintain beneficial productive work relationships
  • Work positively together and hold yourself and others accountable
  • Proactively support and set others up for success

Excellence - demonstrate determination, resourcefulness and purpose to deliver the best results.

  • Focus and strive for perfection in style, manner, taste and presentation
  • Confront reality and ‘fix’ with discipline and urgency
  • Think proactively, establish clear priorities and be organised

Trust - inspire confidence by always being caring, fair, honest and transparent with all

  • Do the right thing and deliver on promises
  • Talk straight, handle differences with others directly, as they occur, always seeking a solution
  • Show loyalty by giving credit and speaking positively about others in their absence

  1. Service Delivery

To support the development of service standards by

  • Modelling guest service behaviours and attitudes
  • Demonstrating an awareness and understanding of customer needs
  • Delivering improvements from guest satisfaction feedback
  • Viewing operations from a guest perspective and communicating required changes/ improvements
  • Challenging service deficiencies in a non-threatening solution based manner 
  • Develop staff to deliver standards confidently, in accordance with guest feedback
  • Following and ensuring the delivery of policy  
  • Putting the guest first when making decisions 
  • Delivering service standards, both delivery and EQ, to achieve LQA +90%
  • Facilitating professional, service orientated, concise and timely guest communication
  • Assessing and responding with urgency to guest requests/ complaints and/ or services 
  • Ensuring all guest concerns/complaints are quickly resolved in a courteous and timely manner

Responsibility of Role

  1. Deliver a consistently high food and beverage service in all outlets
  2. Meeting best practice and implementing industry initiatives
  3. Actively supporting creative promotions and marketing to achieve revenue of $8.1 m
  4. Provide service leadership of outlets
  5. Driving continuous improvement in all aspects
  6. Ensuring full compliance with Halal regulations
  7. Facilitate cost of sales below 25.1%
  8. Organise manning to be cost efficient  - Headcount of 106
  9. HACCP and food safety standards to 95% plus
  10. Effective communication and collaboration with all

Person Specification

  1. Education
  • Degree level of education or equivalent experience
  • Recognised qualification in catering / hospitality preferred
  • Food Safety Level 3

  1. Experience
  • Five years plus experience in a senior F&B role in a luxury hotel

  1. Physical requirements
  • Physically capable of carrying out all aspects of the role
  • Hours to suit the business needs over 7 days including weekends and Public Holidays

  1. Functional Knowledge
  • In depth knowledge and application of luxury hotel F&B service standards and organisation
  • Operational experience of managing large events / functions
  • Proven experience and delivery of the application of administration and controls
  • Understanding of food and beverage revenue streams and controls including Micros / POS
  • Excellent computer skills to include Microsoft Office Suite
  • HALAL certification and Licensing
  • Coaching and development of staff

Performance Competencies

  • Communication
  • Drive for results
  • Leadership
  • Service delivery
  • Financial management
  • Labour resource management
  • Health & Safety 

Business management

  • Profitable business
  • Quality/Improvement

Job Overview

The Empire Brunei