Job Description

Cook Cum Baker

Purpose of position Responsible for the proper efficient and hygienic way of preparation of food. Make sure that the Portioning of the items is proper and according to the tender requirements of the client. Scope and Responsibilities ▌ He should be aware of the importance of the quality products and take effort to prepare the best products always. ▌ He has to keep a close watch over all materials used, with a view of eliminating waste and spoilage of all food products. ▌ He is responsible for the quality of food prepared in the kitchen. He has to keep the taste and make sure that all dishes are uniform and required portion sizes are adhered to. ▌ He is responsible for the preparation of all types of sauces, soups, spices and maisen-plus in adequate quantity. ▌ He should be aware of the preparation time of each item. ▌ He must be familiar with the butcher job and proper portioning of meat, poultry and fish. ▌ To attend Tool Box Briefings & Catering Safety Meetings. ▌ Ensuring that all food prepared and served in a hygienically manner. ▌ To see to it that all food are being replenished at all times ▌ Sees to it that kitchen equipment and utensils are maintained, handled and kept properly, sees to it that work area is cleaned and maintained. ▌ Prepares requisition for raw food items and supplies daily. ▌ Ensures that cost control procedures and policies are followed. ▌ Prepares requisitions for raw materials and make sure all items received, are in good quality, hygiene, properly stored and Halal. ▌ Rotation of stocks on a First In, First Out Basis. ▌ Perform the duties common to all rank-and-file and non-supervisory personnel. HSE ▌ Comply with Serikandi Company policies and procedures ▌ Comply with BSP Module-26-Food Safety ▌ Comply with BSP Module-29-Travelling Offshore ▌ Comply with 12-Life Saving Rules Qualification ▌ Good interpersonal and communication skills Minimum courses to attend ▌ Serikandi HSE induction ▌ Tropical Bosiet + Tropical EBS + Boat Transfer (OPITO Approved) ▌ STCW-95 Mariners Course ▌ Basic Food Handler Course

Job Overview

Serikandi Oil Field Services Sdn Bhd