Job Description

Graphic Designer & Photo Editor

• Editing event photo using software •Designing card layout •Enforce and offer the best quality of products possible • Nurture positive working environment and lead by example • Assist in overseeing company’s functions and day-to-day operations • Working effectively in team-oriented, collaborative environments • Perform other duties as assigned. • Study design briefs and determine requirements • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas •Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic • Amend designs after feedback •Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand •Coordinate with the team members to identify photography needs •Review photos, edit and make necessary changes •Decide which images to publish •Ensure all assignments are edited on time for publication •Manipulate photos to achieve highest quality using the appropriate tools •Stay up to date with new image editing technologies •Photography & videography

Job Overview

Karya Prodution